Change. The’s soul’s way of saying, “Wake up!”

Quoted Image that says, "When one door closes, a bigger and better door always opens."

The words noted above certainly apply to my life in the here in now. You see, I was a Director of Operations and Creative for a renowned tiny home builder out of Chattanooga, TN for the last seven years. I had the honor and expressed pleasure of helping our business grow from a fledgling “soloprenuership” to an award-winning, nationally recognized manufacturing brand. Getting in on the ground floor of something you KNOW is going to be utterly amazing, is not only a rarity but so very satisfying. I planned to retire with it but unfortunately, the universe had other plans for me.

Thanks to the financial industry never recognizing the tiny house as a viable lending product, our buyers had to be cash only or the lucky few who had pre-approved personal loans from their banks or credit unions. Between that a lawsuit, which is still on-going, the business was destined to fail no matter how much time, energy and money we threw at it. So, as of the first week of October 2022, I am #OpenToWork as per LinkedIn‘s hash tag makes those in hiring positions aware.

For the last two decades, I have been a web designer and front end developer, primarily for WordPress. However, I think it’s time to shake things up a bit and exercise my other talents with a career change. With loads of experience managing projects both B2B and B2C, I am gunning for a Project Management position with a small company that recognizes having a solid work/life balance isn’t just a must in business but also a must for one’s overall health. Since you’re reading this, you’ve obviously been greeted with my resume. Take a look, see if I possess the qualities you’re seeking. If you see a match, let’s chat! I’ll discuss any legitimate opportunity!


image of Kelley's hand signed initials