Happy 2023! Now what?

It’s seven days into 2023 and my job hunt is still in full swing.  Doesn’t feel like anything’s changed since 2022. Now, I’ll admit that it’s been a very long time since I’ve interviewed for a job; about 13 years to be exact. The way one even finds a job has changed dramatically. EVERYTHING is digital now, which isn’t altogether a bad thing, but it has made interviewing with a human a legitimate Eighth Wonder of the World. Since October 2022, I’ve sent out hundreds of resumés with personalized cover letters only to have one measly call back. While that job was great fit for me, it’s the people who weren’t.

So, I’m going down the “gig” road again and have one small project on the horizon with the possibility for more after it’s finished. If for some reason I don’t get to continue working with this client after the completion of the current project, I DO have a plan. I’m going to identify stable businesses in the Cleveland, Helen and Clarkesville area and research their web presence. Funny image of a rotary dial phone and an empty toilet paper roll that says, 'I Phone, You Tube.'With my brief consult notes in hand, I’ll call the business – yep, with a PHONE! Go figure!!! LOL! –  letting them know what their site is doing wrong and how I can help them correct it. One could call it old fashioned cold calling with a 21st century twist! Of course, I’ll continue sending out my resume but won’t have a reason to let the deafening silence bother me as it currently is since my sideline business should be able to decently support me.

No one really knows what’s in store for them. One can only ride the ride and hope they make the right “jump off” decision! So, let’s cheers to the opportunity for new beginnings and the ability to change the ending, too! Come on, 2023… Mama needs a new diamond ring! 🙂

Slàinte mhath!
{Scotch Gaelic for “Good Health”}
image of Kelley's hand signed initials